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ABS-CBN TV-3 Baguio “Sagip Kapamilya” together with Reinforcement Sounds and Lights, transports truckloads of relief goods to Metro Manila last September 30, 2009 in the aftermath of super typhoon “Ondoy”, which devastated the said area recently.
After super typhoon “Ondoy” devastated Metro Manila and nearby areas late last month, Baguio City and its nearby areas were hit by super typhoon “Pepeng”. Reinforcement Sounds and Lights, donated and delivered relief goods to the residents of City Camp Lagoon, which was flooded due to heavy rain pour and drainage problems. Also, two weeks after transporting truckloads of relief goods to Metro Manila, ABS-CBN TV-3 Baguio and Reinforcement hauls goods for the second time to Macabebe, Pampanga last October 14, 2009.
August 29, 2009
Reinforcement Sound System receives the “Most Outstanding Lights & Sound Service Company” award during the 2009 11th Annual Global Excellence Awards, held at the Prince Plaza Hotel, Baguio City last August 29, 2009. Reinforcement has been chosen for this award for being consistent in maintaining high standards of service for the past ten years. The award was received by Ms. Kristine Verceles, Asst. Manager for Marketing and Operations in behalf of Mr. RJ Lu, the General Manager of Reinforcement. The company is very thankful for all its clients who still continue to patronize its services and dedicates this award to them.
Ms. Kristine Verceles, Assistant Manager for Marketing and Operations receives the award. From Left to Right: Chairman Jonathan Navea, Project Chairman, Global Excellence Awards 2009, Rev. Renato D. Carillo, Head Minister, Jesus Is Our Shield Worldwide Ministries, Kristine Verceles, Asst. Manager for Marketing & Operations, Reinforcement, Mr. Wolfgang Erich Struck, 2009 Global Excellence Awardee for Humanitarian Services, Dr. Amelia San Pedro-Mapagu, 2009 Asian Achiever Awardee for Humanitarian Service
July 14, 2009
ABS-CBN TV3 Baguio’s morning show, “Naimbag nga Morning Kapamilya”, Features the story of the person behind the 10-year story of Reinforcement, its General Manager, Mr. RJ Lu. This day’s episode features some businesses in Baguio City and how they started from humble beginnings to its current status. Almost a year ago, Reinforcement also has been a part of the pilot episode of the said morning show, which is also celebrating its 1st year anniversary this month.
July 4, 2009

Once Again, Reinforcement Sound System has been chosen by Sitel to be its Lights and Sound System provider for its Site Recognition & Concert featuring Bamboo. The company provided Sitel state of the art RCF TTL33A Line Array speaker system flown over with a truss of lighting fixtures suspended up to the ceiling of CAP Convention Center Auditorium. The FOH Audio system is controlled by a very powerful console, Allen & Heath ML3000 40-channel VCA mixer with a separate monitor console mix for the band. Stage monitoring is composed by RCF ART 310 and ART 725, providing the band precise monitoring power.
June 10-11, 2009

Baguio Reinforcement Crew Management and staff take a break from a busy schedule for a 2-day summer outing at Bolinao, Pangasinan. The trip began early at about 5:00 AM of June 10, 2009 and arrived to Bolinao at around 10:00 AM, following lunch time, the staff had a great time for playing and swimming along the beach. Other staff also are playing Playstation 3 until evening. The next day started early for a side trip to Bolinao Lighthouse tower. The company left Bolinao at around 2:00 PM and had a stopover in Lingayen, Pangasinan. They arrived at around 9:00 PM.

June 2, 2009

Reinforcement is proud to announce its new addition to its speakers inventory the RCF Art 725-A Full range speaker system. Equipped with a high powered latest digital amplifier technology, this speaker is capable of producing 750W of power to its 15” woofer and 2” compression driver. A very powerful speaker for its size, plus considering its very light weight structure, this speaker is redefining the “rules of sound”. Powered by Forerunner Technologies Inc. .

March 28, 2009

Celebrating a decade of excellence, Reinforcement turns 10 years old today.


In search for the Ultimate – by RJ Lu

As a young boy, I have always been fond of music.  I started collecting cassette tapes as early as 9.  My first audio equipment was an 80’s Musicmate Karaoke proudly made in the Philippines given to me by my parents.   With all its built in features (tone controls, aux line in, mic input, 2 cassette decks, EQs, VU meters), I soon found myself  tweaking knobs here and there and connecting  other audio stuff to the all-in-one sound machine.  It is form this primitive equipment where I first learned the concept of microphone feedback, tape to tape recording, line vs. mic input, and the famous “V” setting of the EQ.  It was all GOOD way back then.

Later on in high school, I had my first taste of hi-fi audio equipment with the arrival of our family’s Sansui Component. I was amazed to find separate decks for the turntable, tape, amplifier, am/fm receiver. With my parents’ permission, I take the component to where ever I am needed; that is to play loud party music.  I started my dj career with only a handful of 45’s and cassette tapes.   I would often play for free at a friend’s party or at any school based activity. I was a one man mobile sound system.  Surely, it’s the BETTER hobby for a young teenager like me.

In college, I got the chance to set my hands on the university’s professional audio equipments.  It was funny that during that time, nobody in our campus, not event the university technicians, knew how to fully operate the system.  So I was the ultimate choice!  I soon became the unofficial soundman of UP Baguio.  Whenever there are college functions, I was the student behind the controls.   Oh those were the BEST days of my life!

So the story goes, now I’m still here pursuing my passion for sound.  I started my business with only one thing in mind: “only the best for me and my clients”.  Like most audio rental companies, I started from humble beginnings.  “The early stage is usually the experimental stage wherein you are always in search for the best sounding equipment, combinations, and techniques”. My vast experience in the industry taught me that sound is a very subjective matter.  “What sounds good for me may not necessarily sound good for you”; of course we are all blessed with different sets of ears.  With my company’s purchase of RCF ART, 4PRO, and TT+ series of Speakers, business has never been better.  Its distinct sound and key features (powered module, limiter, crossover, small & lightweight), made operations & logistics much easier and less costly.  I have no more worries with my sound guy.  RCF Speakers already sounds good to start with.  Only minimal tweaking required; as a result, our sound became uniform for all our events.   RCF is the “ULTIMATE SPEAKER” for today’s demanding workload!

RJ Lu is the owner of Reinforcement; a sound rental company based in Baguio City Philippines.  Now in its 9th year, the company started after he graduated from college at the age of 20.

May 14, 2008

Reinforcement Flies for the first Time

Reinforcement’s RCF TTL33a Line Array plays for a crowd of 6000 in Urdaneta Pangasinan last May 14, 2008.

May 10, 2008

Record Breaker in Baguio

Last May 10, 2008, Reinforcement Sound System was able to accommodate a record breaking 15 events in one day; 5 of which were sub-contacted by allies of the company.  This was made possible through the ease of use of RCF speakers especially the ART series where it has seen action all over Baguio City for that day.  At least 2 groups of Reinforcement were tasked to do 3 small wedding events “each” using ART 312 and 310 speakers for that day starting as early as 5am (My oh my many got married that day in Baguio!). One group handled a mid sized Stage play using RCF 4PRO 6001A and MIPRO lapel mics. Another Group a mid sized concert using RCF TTL33a line arrays with 6001s as side fill and 3002s as stage monitors. The rest were stationary PA systems all over Baguio Teacher’s Camp which just celebrated its centennial anniversary.

Parokya ni Edgar in Concert at the Baguio Teachers Camp Oval

(From Left to Right) Mr. Joseph Gawlik of Vision Works, Mr. Tonypett Buluran of S-One Audio Manila, RJ Lu of Reinforcement, Alex Tan of Reinforcement.
Joel Viernes – dispatching officer of Reinforcement
May 2008
Reinforcement is proud to anounce its new addition to its speakers inventory the RCFttl33a powered line array speaker system. Powered by Forerunner Technologies Inc.

March 28, 2008
Baguio Reinforcement celebrates its  9th Anniversary!


October 19, 2009
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